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making your business look better

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free quotes

If you can provide the details, we will provide a design estimate free of charge.

We can also source estimates for printing and selected production processes if required.

When you need a printing quote, we can help you choose the quantity, appropriate paper stock and weight, binding method and print finishing – the kind of specifications a printer will need to make an accurate quote. This allows you to order printing with confidence.

free design estimate and help with printing quotes

technical expertise

Experience matters.

Our many years of industry experience are your assurance that output files prepared by us are technically correct for printing – a highly underrated skill set.

Great care is taken in the behind-the-scenes preparation of files and every effort is made to avoid extra costs for the client at the printing stage. It keeps the printers happy too!

files that are well-designed and technically accurate

corporate image control

Successful businesses promote a consistent and professional corporate image.

Stylus will help you to establish your own design style for all of your published materials – type style, colours, web look, graphic elements, legal requirements and the like – and help you promote and develop this house style.

See what one client said.
we maintain and develop your house style

a light proofread

When you provide the words, many designers will not read your text at all, and it’s all too easy for a typo to sneak through.

We make a point of making sure that not only dates and contact details are correct, but that the copy reads well and will make sense to a reader. In other words, we act as an audience for your project.

Any changes we suggest are always sent for your approval before publication.

We proofread your copy. Many designers will not read your text at all.

version control and project management

Keeping track.

Throughout the process, a new version of your document is kept for each editing cycle requested. This not only ensures that we can revert quickly to an earlier version, but also that you have an audit trail of changes made.

Draft versions are usually sent as Acrobat pdf files. These files, while open for commenting, are secured as a precaution against an incomplete or unauthorised version being inadvertently sent into production and to protect your content.

We keep track of each version of a document.

the right tools for the job

Because you want efficiency and economy.

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest in digital design hardware and software, including high level digital photography, colour balancing and image enhancement tools, web creation software, plus on-site and cloud archiving facilities.

Our skills are kept sharp too. Staff professional development is an ongoing process.

Keeping up-to-date means faster output, timely turnaround and cost savings for you, our client.

the best hardware and software for your task.

making your images look better

Cameras vary in their capability.

Photographic images can arrive in a variety of sizes and qualities.

We use specialist software to colour balance and enhance every image to get the best out of your photos when published. If this is part of an ongoing project, Stylus Design carries out this enhancement service for our clients as a part of our normal workflow.

If you need a photo of product, place or person, please ask about our photography services. We also retouch, recover and manipulate photographs on request.

photo colour balancing and enhancement

custom images

Photos or illustrations.

If you need images specific to your area of expertise, we can create illustrations or arrange professional photography.

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stock photographs

Royalty-free images.

If you don’t have supporting images for your project we can licence photos from an image library for use in documents that we design on your behalf. These images are royalty-free and quite economical. It’s an effective way of adding vivid images to your design.

You just have to remember that these pictures cannot be shared, transferred or used in ways that do not comply with the licence agreement between the designer and the library.

easy, cheap stock photographs

pictures too big to send?

Pictures are rarely too big for publishing.

In fact, we need large, high resolution images to get a job into print.

If you have trouble emailing pictures because of file size, we have a secure, encrypted web-based service for sending big files or collections of files to Stylus Design. This is quite different to services like DropBox because you are sending the files only to us, not sharing them with friends (or the world).

Just go to the link at the bottom of this page and attach your files, fill in your email address and send. We will get a notification when the file is available so we can download it.

If you have a lot of files you can 'zip' the collection and upload it as one file to save time.

See the link at the bottom of this page.
send pictures to us using your browser

artwork approval

Let's go! Okay to publish.

When your project is finished and you have carefully checked it for accuracy and correctness, we ask you to complete a simple Artwork Approval form before it goes to print or production.

This is usually done by email and fulfils a necessary internal workflow requirement and ensures that all parties are in agreement.

Sign a simple Approval form before it goes to print

print proofing

The final check.

A printing company should produce a ‘printer’s proof’ for a client to check before a job goes to press.

Checking proofs is the final quality control step in preparing the files for press. As part of our service, we ask to be included in this final check as we are better placed to pick up the technical aspects of the document reproduction before a job is committed to print.

We will check for imposition, misregistration or colour veracity issues, bounced tabs and issues with print-through, binding or bleeds. And if you do need to make a change, this is a last chance to do so before many copies are printed.

Checking proofs is the final quality control step


We store your project.

This is done automatically, so if you come back in a month or a year later to revise a publication, we already have the latest version on file. One copy is kept in the studio for ready access and retrieval while a second copy is kept off-site for security.

Archiving documents at Stylus and preparing them for print, we (and you) can be assured that you always have the latest version for print or email distribution. Repeat publications can be updated quickly and at a considerable cost-saving by combining elements and reusing existing resources.

archiving and retrieval of projects

now other media?

Repurpose your resources.

It would not be unusual for a print publication to become the basis for a small website (you'll need a developer) – or a pdf or e-pub on your current website. After all, the words and images are all checked and approved. It just remains to convert them to a different type of publication.

We can also convert your publication to a flipbook for viewing on screen.

See examples of e-media here.
Repurpose your materials for web or screen

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